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How is Edit™ De-Sugared™ 100% Fruit Juice made?

We begin with juice harvested by Midwest fruit farms. Using our own patented technique, the juice is then cultured to begin the removal of the naturally-occurring sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose). The natural properties of the juice–color, flavor, acidity, nutrients and goodness–all remain. Now with the sweetness gone and all but one gram of sugar in each bottle, we add all-natural Stevia (a plant-based, calorie-free sweetener), vitamin C, and natural flavors.

Is Edit™ De-Sugared™ 100% Fruit Juice real juice?

Without a doubt, it is 100% juice, but mostly free of sugar. With no more than one gram of sugar, Edit™ contains the juice’s naturally-occurring color, flavor, acidity, nutrients, and all the goodness.

What is the difference between 100% juice and other juices that are labeled as fruit juice drinks, beverages, or cocktails?

A juice drink, beverage, or cocktail is juice that has been diluted to less than 100% juice. (As a result, any inherent nutritional benefits are also diluted.) They often contain added ingredients such as sugar, artificial sweetener, acids, and flavor. 

Tell me about the storage of Edit™ De-Sugared™ 100% Fruit Juice.

Edit does not contain preservatives. Because Edit™ is pasteurized, it can be stored unopened in your pantry and keep its integrity and quality. But, we recommend you chill and shake Edit™ before drinking. 

How long is Edit™ still good to drink after opening?

Your can store an opened bottle of Edit in the refrigerator with the lid tightly closed for up to a week.

Edit™ De-Sugared™ 100% Fruit Juice uses responsible manufacturing.

We are compelled to take care of our environment. For example, once the sugars are removed from the juice, they are recycled as supplemental feed or fertilizer at local farms.

Does Edit™ packaging contain BPA?

No way.

Is the packaging used for Edit™ De-Sugared™ 100% Fruit Juice recycleable

Our bottles, caps, and tamper bands are all manufactured using plastic #5, recyclable where accepted! 


How many calories does Edit™ De-Sugared™ 100% Fruit Juice contain?

Refresh with Edit™ De-Sugared™ 100% fruit juices, as each bottle contains only 10 to 40 calories. In contrast, most unsweetened apple juices have more than 30 grams of sugar and about 140 calories per 10 fluid ounces.

With Edit™ De-sugared 100% fruit juice, you can refresh, refuel, and feel good about your juice intake. The calorie counts of our juices are as follows:

Grape              10 calories
Apple               15 calories
Tart Cherry      40 calories 

Can I drink Edit™ De-Sugared™ 100% Fruit Juice if I have diabetes?

Edit™ 100% Fruit Juices are suitable for people with diabetes. They are sweetened with organic Stevia. They impart a delicious, low-calorie, and lower-carbohydrate option for diabetics who don’t want to sacrifice taste when incorporating more healthful beverages into their diets. We suggest you consult with your physician for his or her recommendation if you are on a very strict diet.

Does Edit™ provide the same nutritional benefits as juice that is not de-sugared?

Yes, all the nutrients remain the same with the exception of the sugar, which affects the amounts of calories, carbohydrates and sugars listed on the Nutrition Facts Label. All of these are significantly lower in Edit™ 100% Fruit Juices. Refresh, refuel and rebuild with Edit™ 100% Fruit Juices.

What varieties of fruits do you use in your juices?

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Is Edit™ De-Sugared™ 100% Fruit Juice safe for kids?

Without question, Edit ™ De-Sugared™ 100% Fruit Juices are safe. We pasteurize all our juice products to ensure that they are safe for consumers, including kids. Each serving of juice is heat-treated individually, following strict government regulations, thus making Edit™ safe for consumption by all populations. We adhere to the strict quality standards and requirements established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regularly monitors products to ensure their safety and compliance. We are 100% committed to providing safe and nutritious products for everyone to enjoy.

Does Edit™ De-Sugared™ 100% Fruit Juice impact oral health?

No, as sugar is the main cause of tooth decay.

Are there any preservatives in Edit™?

There are no preservatives in Edit™ De-Sugared™ 100% Fruit Juice

Does Edit™ De-Sugared™ 100% Fruit Juice contain GMOs?

We do not use genetically engineered ingredients. Edit ingredients are safe and meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

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