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5 Scary Truths About Sugar

Many people are aware that too much sugar falls into the unhealthy eating category. Unfortunately, not everyone understands why the sweet stuff is so damaging - or all the ways in which it could be negatively affecting your life already! Read on to learn five scary truths about sugar, and swaps that can make your life healthier.

Sugar Can Hurt Your Heart Health
Most people avoid sugar for weight loss reasons, but the damage it does to your body is much more than just cosmetic. It has been widely acknowledged that excess sugar can increase your risk for heart disease. A recent study in the Journal of the American Heart Association displayed strong evidence that sugar can actually affect the pumping mechanism of your heart and could increase the risk for heart failure.

Sugar Could Sap Your Brain Power
Studies show that sugar intake can accelerate the aging process. Aging of the cells can be the cause of something as simple as wrinkles to something as dire as chronic disease. One of the more serious consequences of cellular aging could be the aging of the brain. A 2012 study found that excess sugar consumption was linked to deficiencies in memory and overall cognitive health. Find ways to decrease your sugar intake in order to keep your wits about you as you get older!

You Can Be Addicted - And Genetics May Play a Part
The term “sugar addict” is thrown around a lot, but it turns out your cravings may resemble more of an actual addiction than you think. A recent study showed that individuals who had genetic changes in a hormone called ghrelin consumed more sugar than those that had no gene variation. Ghrelin is a hormone that tells the brain you’re hungry. Researchers think that the genetic components that effect your ghrelin release may have a lot to do with whether or not you have a major sweet tooth.

Sugar Can Hide in “Healthy” Foods
Even if you avoid the usual sugary culprits like candy, cookies, ice cream, etc. you might be getting duped by other presumably “healthy” foods. Pantry staples like tomato sauce, salad dressing, and even bread can have loads of sugar. Juice is, of course, one health food that packs a major dose of sugar into every ounce. Did you know the typical juice metabolizes the same way as soda pop in the body? Try Edit Fruit Juice to get your juice fix - without all the harmful sugar.

The Average American Diet is Full of Sugar
The American Heart Association recommends we consume less than 10 teaspoons of sugar per day. The average adult American misses that mark (by a lot) and takes in about  22 teaspoons a day. The average child does even worse, with 32 teaspoons per day. It gets worse - the average American consumes 53 gallons of soda a year. Or to simplify it, that’s 565 cans of soda a year. Swap your soda habit for a sugar free beverage like Edit Fruit Juice.

While the “everything in moderation” approach to nutrition has some benefits, it’s clear that the dangers of sugar are very real. Start reading the labels of all your food to find out where sugar may be sneaking its way into your diet. Make healthy swaps, like trading juice or soda for Edit Fruit Juice, and you’ll soon be on your way to a slimmer waistline and better overall health.